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Are there parts of my garage door available for sale?

Yes! As long as your garage door is still being produced by its makers, then there will be plenty of parts available for you. If you have a custom built garage door, then you may need to have these parts ordered form the maker directly.

My garage door no longer works after we heard a loud bang. What could the problem be?

Chances are you have a broken garage door spring. Problems of this nature are particularly dangerous. That is why our professional service crew suggests contacting a garage door service company to conduct inspection and possible garage door spring replacement.

How can I prevent my steel door from rusting prematurely?

Once you have noticed some scratches on your garage door exposing the substrate, do a simple repair by using fine sandpaper and sanding the surface before painting it with a metal primer. As soon as the primer has dried, apply the paint. Do this each time scratches are noticed.

Is there a way to prevent my door from freezing shut?

If your winters are freezing cold, you can spread salt where your garage door hits the floor, as you can see in one of our videos! You can call our company for information.

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