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Do you have garage door opener trouble? Don't do anything before you read these tips

Check the door's balance

If the garage door is not balanced well it will start moving unevenly, compromising your security and your safety. Our experts in Golden Valley suggest disconnecting the opener and raising the door mid-way. See if the door remains in this position or you will have to adjust the springs.

Learn how to set the force limit

The force limit is set by the opener unit and determines how far the door will go in its closing and opening position. If you notice that the door won't open or close all the way, you will have to change the settings.

Install restraining cables on the extension springs

Restraining cable or similar device should be placed on the extension garage door springs that will contain the spring in case it breaks. Extension springs are found along the side of the door. Our technicians remind consumers not to remove or loosen screws on the bottom brackets of your overhead door.

Compare the insulation options when getting a new garage door

The first one is polystyrene. It comes in panel form and is very light. It has good durability as well. It can be added to a single layer of steel or set between two layers of steel or wood. Polyurethane has higher thermal resistance for the same thickness. It is resistant to water and mold. It is in foam form and gets sprayed between two solid layers of steel.

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