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Although the mission of all garage door openers is the same, there are some differentiations among them. Most of them are powered by electricity but there are also operators powered by solar energy. Liftmaster and Genie are the head masters of electric operators and their efforts mainly aim at enhancing safety, security and convenience. All electric openers have safety features these days and their main part is a motor which transfers electric power through a drive system (belt, chain or screw). The opener also has a release cord for the times there is need to turn the automatic opener manual. Such safety features, like the emergency release cord and the reverse mechanism, are a must for modern openers and among the necessary regulations by UL 325.

We maintain electric door operators meticulously

Garage Door Openers in MinnesotaOur company is not just fully aware of the most recent UL 325 garage door opener safety regulations but also complies with such rules through its services. Garage Door Repair Golden Valley offers full opener services including immediate support during emergencies. When there are emergency issues related to your Marantec or Liftmaster door opener systems, we rush to help you. With our trucks equipped and perfect knowledge of all brands and electric operators, our garage door repair opener services are not just fast but also efficient. We specialize in opener troubleshooting and fix opener issues perfectly.

Despite of our promptness during urgent situations, we intend to protect our customers from the hassle of trouble and the possibility of accidents by offering thorough garage door opener maintenance. We are particularly meticulous, check the sensors, excel in motor repair and make sure every opener part is in perfect working condition. We replace door operators with equal efficiency and perfection and install the new ones with accuracy. Whether you have problems with your current opener or want to prevent them, having Garage Door Repair Golden Valley by your side is wise. We can help you efficiently every time.

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