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Our Testemonials

Our Testemonials

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Better New Hinges and Rollers

Even though I try to take good care of my automatic garage door, it began to shake during opening and closing. I was quite afraid and turned to Garage Door Repair Golden Valley for creative solutions. The technicians who came to my house conducted thorough professional inspection and identified worn-out and damaged garage door hinges and rollers. They offered a highly attractive replacement quote which was ideal for me and provided brand new galvanized hinges and quiet nylon rollers that were installed fast. This fantastic team confirmed the door was working properly before they left and appreciate their comprehensive service.

Full Assistance with Opener Replacement

I realized that I required a new garage door opener when the old one started causing a lot of trouble. Since, I was completely clueless about technology I hired Garage Door Repair Golden Valley to help out. Their service was extremely friendly, useful right from the start, and the specifics of all types of electric operators were fully explained to me which helped to compare features which I had never even heard of before. With their valuable assistance, I found a great screw drive opener which matched my needs and budget. The replacement project was completed super quickly, effectively, and the new device is an amazing performer.

The Ideal Broken Panel Solution

I have a sophisticated glass garage door which I like very much and have always kept it in good condition, but it recently got damaged during a storm. When I discovered two broken panels, I reached to Garage Door Repair Golden Valley for help. I had used the services of this established company before and was hoping they would have the right solution. They managed to provide replacement panels of the same make, color, and size as the ones of my door in much less time than I had expected to wait. They completed the garage door panel replacement job with amazing accuracy.

Superb and Speedy Cable Repair

I did not know how one of the cables had got off the drum, quickly realized, I required professional help right away. The professionals of Garage Door Repair Golden Valley responded to my call for help instantly. Before I knew it, the technicians had come to my house, inspected the door very carefully, and came up with the most effective solution to the issue. They truly excel at providing complete garage door cable repair and worked in a very dexterous and focused manner. The amazing team opened and closed the door several times to confirm that the fix was successful. I give this service a top score.

New Torsion Springs in a Jiffy

Our garage door was unbearably slow in the past two weeks, until yesterday morning when it didn't open at all. We decided to call Garage Door Repair in Golden Valley because everybody says they’re the best people and really know what they’re doing. They sent someone within the hour, and we really appreciated their fast response. Their tech told me that the problem was with torsion springs. After about half an hour, he had brand new torsion springs installed and our door is working just like new again. You couldn’t ask for better or faster service.


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